Five Star Luxury Arrives in Kampot with Amber Kampot

Just a three-hour drive from Phnom Penh, Kampot was previously hailed as Cambodia’s best ‘hidden gem’ for budget travellers. With the arrival of five-star resort Amber Kampot, the riverside town has been recognised as a must-visit destination for those seeking luxury experiences too.

Set alongside the tranquil emerald waters of the Kampot River and directly across from the local town center, Amber Kampot delivers fine dining experiences, spa treatments, and private pool access from its premium villa accommodations. Inspired by Cambodia’s ancient forest and modern minimalism, the resort provides a luxurious setting to explore this untouched corner of the globe, plus all the comforts guests would expect from a slice of paradise.

Explore this charming riverside town by wandering the sleepy streets and lounging from café to café; embark on an evening sunset or firefly cruise and indulge in the selection of local and international cuisine and lively bar scene; venture up Bokor Mountain to explore the French Colonial ruins and waterfalls atop the atmospheric misty mountain; or take a trip out to one of the many pepper plantations and enjoy an interactive learning experience of how the world’s best pepper is produced. Only 40 minutes from Kep, Kampot is also a great base for exploring Cambodia’s idyllic beaches and nearby islands.

For more inspiration for your next trip to Kampot, explore the endless opportunities for discovery with our interactive ebook.

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