Unique Malay Dining Experience in a Uniquely Beautiful Spot

For foodies taking a trip to Malaysia and people who want to cap their tour with a memorable, exclusive meal, this organic farm and restaurant is simply unmissable. Rated among the best restaurants in the country, A Little Farm On The Hill is a haven blessed with cool weather, quirky architecture and picture postcard scenery. All in all, it makes an exquisite venue for guests to relax and enjoy truly world class cuisine and impeccable standards of hospitality, surrounded by crisp highland air, birdsong, and monkey calls.

The cuisine here is a sophisticated union of modern European technique spiced with typical Southeast Asian flavours to give it brightness and soul. The menu changes often, but a great example of their East-West delights is six-hour oak smoked beef short ribs, served with a tangy fresh tomato salsa. A huge array of fruit and vegetables, from aubergine to heirloom tomatoes and pumpkins to passion fruit, are  grown at the farm and produce is locally sourced wherever possible.

The farm will host an artist residency programme in collaboration with international arts institutions from 2024. If guests’ visits coincide with a live performance by the artist-in-residence, it makes the experience simply unforgettable.  Guests are also warmly invited to take a guided tour of the farm. The insights they can gain on regenerative agriculture and the sheer ingenuity of the growers are a revelation.

Barely an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, the farm accepts exclusive private lunch bookings on Thursdays and Fridays (minimum spend required) and communal lunch bookings on weekends (minimum 4 guests per booking). For more information, get in touch with our team in Malaysia at:  [email protected]

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