Hakone Mt Fuji National Park Explorer

Asia Talk-japan fujisanHakone is one of Japan’s most picturesque destinations with a wealth of attractions to explore by a variety of transport types. A popular route, using several means of transportation that includes a ropeway ride up to Mt. Owakudani and then down to the other side of the mountain was closed last year due to a rise in volcanic activity. Fortunately, it has now been deemed safe to use the entire ropeway to access to the top of Mt. Owakudani.

With Destination Asia Japan visitors can explore the region by taking the Hakone Tozan ‘switchback train’ on a journey through the mountains before ascending in a cable car up to the re-opened ropeway, which takes you to the summit of Mt. Owakudani. Passing over sulfurous fumes, hot springs and rivers, you can even eat an egg hard boiled in the sulfuric hot springs! The final stage is a cruise across Lake Ashinoko in a replica pirate ship with the perfectly formed Mt Fuji as a backdrop.

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