Indonesia Named Most Naturally Beautiful Country in The World

Indonesia has taken the top spot in the Natural Beauty Report of UK’s online magazine “Money”, which ranked 50 countries around the world by analyzing the number of natural wonders they have for every 100,000 square kilometres, from coral reefs and tropical rainforests to volcanoes, mountains, protected areas and more.

Scoring 7.77 out of 10, the report says Indonesia is home to 17,000 incredible islands, which means that it has over 50,000 km of coastline and over 50,000 square km of coral reef teeming with life, most of which can be readily explored. Some of the other natural attractions that helped propel Indonesia to the top of the list include the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Komodo National Park with its Komodo dragons, as well as the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan with their vast tropical rainforests home to the Orangutan and many other endangered species.

We couldn’t agree more with the results of the survey, and for any travel planner looking for more Indonesian inspiration, dive into our travel ebook packed full of video, imagery, and travel itineraries from across this spectacular country.

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