Ionah Entertainment Show a Huge Hit in Hanoi!

Asia Talk-IonahIonah is an entertainment art show in Hanoi that’s received excellent reviews from critics. The show combines a variety of modern art forms: circus art, dance, theatrical material, electronic music, visual arts. Ionah takes audiences on a journey into the hidden world of the inner soul, where the battle between light and dark, good and evil ensues, to help people find the true value of life and happiness.

A girl named Ionah enters a fascinating journey inside her soul, then lost in her illusion and blinded by anger, she must find a way to escape from the inferno of feelings and return to the reality of life. Reviewed as “Cirque du Soleil” by audiences, the performance is a product of the best creative artists with multi-dimensional stage effects. Taking place at the Star Galaxy Theatre, performances are every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8pm and last 75 minutes.

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