Kuromon Market is Osaka’s Kitchen

With over 170 years of history, Kuromon Market is truly ‘Osaka’s kitchen.’ Professional chefs from around the city find their way here to purchase high-quality, fresh ingredients, though the market also caters to the budget visitor with nonetheless, highly authentic food. More than 180 shops line the market, ranging from the simplest of takoyaki stalls to reservation-only sushi bars.

Guests enjoy a mouthwatering food tour in Osaka’s Kuromon Market, with plenty of opportunity to try Michelin-starred Takoyaki, scallops and fish cakes, Japanese wagyu beef skewers as well as “toro” sushi, the most delicious fatty part of the tuna fish. Besides the usual savory market food, there is also the chance to sample some Japanese green tea and try a “wagashi” Japanese sweet for dessert.

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