Learning Resilience from the Locals of Tōhoku

While flowers have sprung to life all around Japan, this spring has marked the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The impact of which was felt all over the world, and completely changed the lives of people living in the northeast region of Tōhoku.

Specially trained Kataribe (storyteller) guides from Tōhoku, will be launching tours through the area to share stories and show how locals live in harmony with nature, receiving sustenance from forests, rivers, and the sea. Despite the recurring threat of tsunamis, they continue to coexist with nature, while teaching about tsunami disaster prevention.

Destination Asia Japan is currently working with the Kataribe guides to develop two new products, both of which are overnight programmes to discover authentic daily life and learn from the experience of locals. Led by a Kataribe guide, the journey will start from either Morioka or Sendai and visit the coastal region, where you can still find remains of buildings destroyed by the tsunami and museums dedicated to the disaster, as well as experience part of the coastal walking routes known as the Shiokaze trails. Meet local people and board a local fishing boat to learn about oyster and scallop farming in the region.

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