Learning the Way of the Samurai in Aizu

Known as Samurai City, Aizu is a mountainside city in Fukushima where the last samurai lived, Hoshina Masayuki. The ruler of virtue, his samurai spirit and steadfast attitude to do the right thing continue to live on through its residents.

On an Aizu Kengido Samurai Tour with Destination Asia Japan, learn the history and background of Masayuki and how he grew up to be the ruler of virtue. Then, visit the very first samurai children school he started and discover how children learn to be samurai.
Feast on a traditional meal before learning first-hand how to practice kengido with Samurai Kamui at his dojo. Kengido, meaning ‘the way of the samurai’, is Samurai Kamui’s original sword method; a type of swordplay combined with the beauty of art form and martial arts. Enjoy a private show samurai martial art performance at the dojo before unwinding with a hot spring and ryokan experience. End the afternoon at Hanitsu Shrine to visit Hoshina Masyuki’s mausoleum. All guests will also receive their own 2-minute 25-second video filmed during the tour.

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