Luang Prabang Elephant Center Now Open

Recently opened on February 8th by the Governor of Luang Prabang, the Luang Prabang Elephant Center is located in Muang Kai Village just 6 kilometers from Kuang Sii Waterfall. Working closely with the Sayabouri Elephant Conservation Center, the elephant center is home to 13 female elephants with plans to introduce another five from Sayabouri Province. The superb natural environment they are cared for within allows visitors to witness these giant animals in their true home setting.

Many of the mahouts and professional veterinarians received their training in Sayabouri, a province renowned for its elephant population. Options at the center to interact with the elephants include simple walks through the countryside and visiting a nearby river for bathing. The center’s close proximity to Kuang Sii Waterfall allows for a short transfer time between the two areas, creating a superb morning or afternoon itinerary.

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