Total Solar Eclipse 2016 Cruise in Indonesia

Destination Asia Indonesia are now offering a ‘Total Solar Eclipse 2016 Cruise’! We are pleased to be able to make the most of this unique phenomenon and offer your clients the rare chance to view the eclipse at one of the best locations in the world. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon appears to entirely block the rays of the sun when viewed from earth, plunging day into total darkness. The 2016 Total Solar Eclipse will occur in Indonesia on 9th March 2016, at precisely 08:58:19am West Indonesia Time.

Join us for this exciting adventure from one of the very best view points – on board a cruise vessel. Namaste Cruise is offering a dedicated Solar Eclipse Cruise from 5-12 March 2016 and will anchor in the middle of the Halmahera Sea during the eclipse. The super-luxurious Lamima Cruise offers a special Solar Eclipse Cruise in Raja Ampat from 1-15 March 2016.

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