Morning Experience in Hanoi by GAZ69 Vintage Jeep

This half-day tour is a chance to experience Hanoi in a Vintage Soviet Era Jeep – GAZ69 model from the 1970s. With this tour delving into the daily life of Hanoians, we ride around West Lake, exploring several outskirt villages en route. The first stop is at Tao Sach pagoda, an ancient pagoda with a solemn beauty. The visit is followed by a short drive to a small flower valley and famous landmark in the city. We then continue to old French-built railroad tracks – a selfie hotspot for the locals.

We drive past a considerable number of classical, well preserved French constructions, erected by the colonial administration from 1901 to 1911. We then explore the Old quarter of Hanoi known as ’36 Streets’ with each of them representing a distinctive trade. This densely populated area of the city is the oldest continuously developed district of Vietnam. We finally stop in a small café creatively designed with quirky recycled materials to enjoy a cup of one of Hanoi’s specialty brews; with classic and original ways to enjoy your drink – yogurt coffee for instance tastes more like a dessert, a relaxing end to a busy morning journey

‘Please have a light breakfast and do not plan for lunch as this tour includes plenty of great local specialties sampled along the way!’

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