Traditional Cham Dance Show at My Son Temples

The Cham culture is characterized by Hinduism, with influences from Champa civilization between 7th and 15th century. These effects were felt greatest in central Vietnam, which at that time extended from India to Southeast Asia. The traditional art form was not only reflected in its architecture, which was largely destroyed by the effects of war, but also in music and dance. The graceful movements of the dancers who practiced this art required precise technique, taking years to master. A melodic music played on specially designed instruments, harmoniously underscores the dance. To the sounds of panpipes and bandung drums, dancers wearing colorful traditional costumes and pyramid-shaped hats move graciously along the floor. They perform many types of dance, paying homage to a number of elements, whilst also performing the famous Apsara dance. Today, this ancient art is still very much alive with daily dance performances taking place at the My Son temples.

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