Penang Wet Market Tour

Penang is an urban hub and thriving destination where visitors can discover fascinating arts, festivals, architecture and delicious cuisine.

Long known as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang is a regular poll winner for best food in Asia, reflecting a myriad of influences from countries across this corner of the world. Sampling street food and rummaging through local markets for traditional delights remain at the top of many travellers’ wish list. While mingling with locals to learn about their favoured cuisine and tasting these dishes as you wind your way through a morning market is an experience everyone must try.

Our Penang wet market tour kicks off in Georgetown, home to the oldest market of its kind. It’s a noisy, colourful, enigmatic and brazenly charming place that leaves you buzzing with excitement. From haggling to hand picking favourites, observing the beguiling and tasting the unexpected, we peruse our way through the market with an expert guide who can explain every quirky delight. But the excitement doesn’t end there – from the market we continue on to Little India, where an assortment of both spice and saree shops are found alongside street stalls selling delicious samosas and local Indian desserts.

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