A Chance to Learn the Ancient Art of Sake Brewing

The Kitsukura Sake Brewery, established in 1696 in the Saku region of Nagano prefecture, offers a unique program to discover the fascinating art of brewing it. Blessed with abundant pure water sources, an ideal natural environment and some of the finest rice grown in Japan, the region has been producing sake for centuries. That profound moment when locally harvested water and rice, through a painstakingly sensitive time-honored process, are at last transformed into sake is practically a miracle—a miracle guests can experience here for themselves.

With the Kurabito Stay package, the guests can fully immerse themselves in the moment by staying at a renovated lodging used by a former kurabito – a sake brewing master,  and his craftsman apprentices. While they can opt for a three-day or two-day program, it is the three-day option that gives a real feel for the process, including an overnight stay in the historic brewery itself, while also exploring and experiencing the traditional culture of this unique old town.

An alternative two-day program centres on making koji, a process involving fermented rice to make a form of sparkling sake or amazake sweet rice drink. In both programs, guests can meet and mingle with local people while enjoying plenty of sake tasting and the region’s famous and delicious local cuisine. On the last day, guests receive a certificate of completion that recognises them as a genuine kurobati brewer.

For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Japan at [email protected]

Note: sake making is a seasonal process and packages are available from October till November and February till March, while koji making is available from April till September.

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