Saigon Alleyway Stories by Vespa

This half day tour is created to tell local stories as they unfold through each district visited. We experience Saigon using 5 senses from the back of a Vespa. Exploring the soul of the city in the morning also offers unique photo opportunities.

The adventure begins in the busy alleys of district 1, also known as the historical center. We drive past streets where narrow family houses that are home to generations are tightly lined up next to each other. The next stop is in Chinatown, where in the midst of modern buildings we can still catch a glimpse of colorful century-old shophouses. We will enter one of these traditional buildings to learn about the story of this district.

Our program then zooms past an unusual market. We’ll hear lively chirping sounds before arriving on bird street, where Vietnamese shop for their singing pets. Gathering in parks to listen to their tunes is a traditional Vietnamese hobby. The nearby market presents an opportunity to explore tropical fruits, maybe sample a local snack and as we explore, the rich aroma of grilled coffee beans will lead us to a third generation Sino – Vietnamese coffee roasting workshop.

The Vespa driver will then take guests through district 4 where cars are prohibited. Here, we zig zag through small alleys characterized by cracked and chipped walls, made beautiful by the magic of a neighborhood painter. The action filled morning ends with a transfer back to the hotel.

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