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Giving Back to our Local Communities

At Destination Asia, we do all we can to connect travellers to the inherent qualities of the countries in which we live and work. It is also part of our culture to make every possible effort to give back to those communities. Through Giving Back, a socially responsible group initiative created by Destination Asia in 2011, our teams within each country work closely with their own selected choice of local charity or enterprise. Ranging from one-day fundraisers to long-term social projects, each varying greatly from place to place. Among projects in the past year, our teams have assisted the donation of mobility scooters to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur, given underprivileged kids toys, schoolbooks and treats on Thailand’s Children’s Day, and provided practical support and internships for an Indonesian education program aimed at disadvantaged women. In the course of this, we partner with numerous like-minded initiatives such as Singapore’s Food From The Heart program, Indonesia’s ROLE Foundation and Marriott International’s CSR Serve 360 initiative.

Find out more at https://www.destination-asia.com/our-company/csr/

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