Hong Kong Heritage Biking Adventure

An enlightening biking adventure taking guests into the heart of Hong Kong’s lesser explored historic villages and ancient sites. Wearing our safety gear and led by expert guides, we make our way through Kam Tin Walled City to the historic village of Shui Tau where we explore the Old Schoolhouse Museum and Ancestral Halls. From here our guide leads us on a historic trail, passing through 850 years of history as we trundle past Sha Po village to Nam Sheng Wai – an area also known for its biodiversity.

In the old city of Yuen Long, we stop for a Dim Sum lunch before jumping back on our bikes and heading toward the Fish Ponds of Tsim Bei Tsui. Close to the Chinese border, we can look across the bay and peer into the neighboring country, while on the Hong Kong side we continue riding past the bountiful Wetland Park. An ancient fishing village approaches next where we try a local delicacy called ‘Old Wives Cake’. Our final destination is another Wetland Park, and this time we enter to explore its rich, varied habitat – a pleasure few travelers even know exists in one of the world’s most fascinating regions.

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