Set Sail along the Chao Praya River with Loy Pela Voyages

Starting in modern-day Bangkok, sail along the ‘River of Kings’ through to the Kingdom’s enigmatic ancient capital of Ayutthaya with Loy Pela Voyages. Launched in January 2020 with two state-of-the-art boats – Loy Dream and Loy River Song – the four-day journey to UNESCO-listed Ayutthaya is steeped in history and adventure. Travellers looking to expand their Thailand sojourn beyond the traditional Bangkok experience all while staying on the Chao Phraya River can now do so in luxury and privacy.

Operated by an expert crew, the cruise delivers five-star service including round-the-clock butler attention, exquisite meals prepared by a private chef, and in-depth local knowledge courtesy of a resident tour guide. Both vessels carry a full range of upscale amenities including king-size beds with ensuite bathrooms. Ornately decorated with antiques and woven Thai silks to evoke the elegance of old Siam and interspersed with objets d’arts, the boats allow guests to travel in air-conditioned comfort. The Loy River Song has four spacious staterooms, suitable for up to eight guests, while the Loy Dream, a magnificently restored 100-year-old rice barge, features two, suitable for up to four guests.

As the cruise makes its way to Ayutthaya, the stories of Thailand’s past and present, of its mighty kings and grand cities are illustrated by a rich tableau of spectacular vistas. Guided excursions, some on foot, others by car or a traditional long-tail boat, place travellers in the very heart of old Siam.

With stops at the most scenic and historically important sites, such as Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok, Bang Kachao island, Wat Bang Kra Sob, and terracotta-roofed Wat Panan Choen, guests acquire an intimate knowledge of this part of the country.

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