100% Biodegradeable Wet Towelettes Provided For Travellers

We are delighted to share that Destination Asia Malaysia is now working with a supplier of sustainable wet towelettes that leave no negative impact on our environment during production nor after their use. These are now going to be introduced into operations for travellers once the border opens up. The towels are 100% organic, antibacterial, contain aloe vera, do not use bleach during production, and are 100% biodegradable. 

Our partner took it upon themselves to find a safe, more sustainable and eco-friendly source for towlettes and it was found in a most unexpected resource – unbleached bamboo technology. After extensive study and time spent on research, they were satisfied that unbleached bamboo pulp is truly a more sustainable choice and has a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional bleaching methods.

With each purchase made by Destination Asia, a donation is made to the “Save the Polar Bears” campaign, a worthwhile cause supported by our partner.

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