Singapo人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture

Exploring what it means to be uniquely Chinese Singaporean, the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s inaugural permanent exhibition ‘Singapo人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture’, looks into the heritage, cultural interactions, and public policies that have shaped the community. 

Visitors can journey through five specially curated interactive zones that spotlight elements that contributed to the distinctive Chinese Singaporean identity – from food, language, and traditions to popular culture and music. The exhibition features precious loans from iconic local personalities like Stefanie Sun and Anthony Chen, alongside interesting contributions from the community.

To ensure the safety of all, exhibition visitors are required to wear a mask and disposable gloves at all times and keep a distance of at least one metre between groups.

Beyond the centre, SCCC is also introducing a series of online offerings including the SCCC YouTube Channel where viewers can discover lesser-known stories behind the local customs and traditions, as well as relive the Centre’s past programmes.

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