Japan’s Craft Beer Scene – What to Try & Where to Visit

Sometimes an ice-cold beer is a perfect partner to hot summer weather, though walk into a convenience store in Japan, and you will be bombarded with an overwhelming variety of beers, namely Asahi, Kirin, Suntory, Sapporo… so which one do you choose? These are major beverage brands in Japan, but I would suggest stepping out of the stores to find a local spot and enjoy a cold beer.

Here is our list of the best bars to enjoy a tasty beer while in Tokyo:

Craftrock Brewpub & Live in Nihonbashi: They have no less than 15 local beers on tap with live music most nights.

Popeye in Ryogoku: This is the place to go for beer tasting with around 70 local beers available on tap.

Baird Taproom in Nakameguro: A reliable hangout with a moderate selection of craft beer – here you’ll find fantastic freshly made pizza too!

If you are in town, be sure to try Minoh Beer Osaru IPA, it’s a light IPA, or give White Yuzu a go – as recommended by our team in the Tokyo office!

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