25,000-year-old Cave is Bali’s Hottest New Restaurant

When construction started on villas at The Edge Bali in 2013, little did the team know they would unearth a subterranean surprise. A sizeable cave with wondrous formations was found 6.5 metres underground. Since then, the 25,000-years-old natural wonder has been carefully preserved and prepared to host one of the world’s most unique fine dining experiences.

We invite you to immerse in a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience at The cave by Chef Ryan Clift, a 22-seat subterranean restaurant serving a seven course menu inside the exclusive enclave “The edge”. Chef Ryan has created a vibrant menu using local fresh produce and premium ingredients, inspiring a flavourful experience akin to his restaurant Tippling Club in Singapore. Open for lunch and dinner, the underground restaurant offers a magnificent dining experience amongst the stalactites and stalagmites, some measuring over 2.5 meters long. Visitors step down onto a twinkling lava stone floor, with lighting, sound, and décor a perfect match for the quirky surroundings, accompanied by a 3D mapped project show set out on the cave’s walls in between courses.

Offering more than just a fine-dining venue, The Cave is an experience amidst a truly rare atmosphere.

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