Thai Protestors Gather in Bangkok

Localized protests have been held in Bangkok and other locations across Thailand in recent weeks. As a consequence, Thailand’s cabinet approved a 30-day state of emergency in Bangkok on Friday, October 16, following the emergency decree announced on Thursday, October 15, due to the increasing scale of the demonstrations denouncing the government and calling for reforms to the monarchy. Emergency measures ban gatherings of more than five people within the city and prohibit the publication of news or dissemination of online messages which could “create fear”.

The Prime Minister has warned that a nightly curfew may be introduced if unrest continues.  So far the protests have caused minimal disruption to daily life in Thailand, often taking place later in the evenings with crowds dispersing after a few hours.

Current consular guidance is to avoid all areas of demonstrations and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings and/or protests and to expect heightened security presence in the vicinity of such disruptions.

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