The Land of a Thousand Handshakes

Located in the northeast of Sarawak are the Bario Highlands. A region of rolling green hills, situated at the eastern edge of the Taman Negara Pulong Tau National Park, it sits approximately 1200 meters (3937ft) above sea level. It is the main settlement for the indigenous Kelabit tribe in what is known locally as the Kelabit Highlands.

Bario is well known for its bountiful highland rice, salt and pineapples. Growing interests owing to its remoteness are activities including trekking, visiting a traditional kelabit longhouse, bird watching and much more. What you certainly will not encounter are shopping malls, hotels, restaurants or any other modern day city facilities. This magnificent place is one of the most original and undisturbed villages in Sarawak and Malaysia.

To access Bario, the best option is to take a flight from Miri City operated by MAS Wings.

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