Tokyo Twilight Food Tour

Discover the dining haunts of Tokyo that can’t be found on a city guide.

Prepare for an indulgent evening mingling with office workers and locals as we hit the streets of Tokyo. Sushi and tempura are firm favorites in Japan – but this food friendly tour is served with a twist.

Following a local guide we turn down side alleyways and into areas where home-cooked dishes are served in retro-style cafes and washed down with cold beer. Yurakucho is our first stop and a favored destination for local business people to unwind after office hours. The food of choice here is ‘yakitori’ (chicken skewers). After a few skewers and a drink we hop on the underground and make our way to Tsukishima, a ‘shitamachi’ (popular) neighborhood. Here the favored dish is ‘monjayaki’, served street side on large hot-plates and eaten using small iron spatulas.

For those who want to carry the night on we can arrange a trip to the local ‘izakaya’ (Japanese Pub), where guests can sample well-known beverages and recount the night’s events. Experiencing Tokyo’s hidden streets after sunset reveals a fascinating side to the capital – and is one you can share with locals as opposed to the tourist crowds.

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