‘Top Deck’ Opens at Tokyo Tower

Even in the variegated Tokyo skyline, few buildings are as much of an iconic landmark as Tokyo Tower is. After months of renovation, the uppermost observation deck, which stands 250 meters above sea level, has been completely renewed and will have its grand opening on March 3, 2018, under the new name of “Top Deck”. While tickets for the Main Deck observatory remain available for same-day sales, the exclusive Top Deck can only be visited with a special tour bookable in advance. It entails a hands-on experience of the special Top Deck, which provides a sense of floating in the sky and that has been designed in accordance with an image of The Future of Tokyo – and the future of observation decks.

The tour includes priority access with no waiting lines, a multi-lingual voice guide system in 13 languages that explains the landmarks being viewed, drink service, photo-card gift and warm hospitality from dedicated attendants.

Participants will experience Tokyo Tower’s history, and ride a new glass-paneled elevator up to the Top Deck while enjoying panoramic views of modern-day Tokyo, where they will be enveloped by geometric mirrors and LED lighting that immerse them in the atmosphere of a future metropolis.

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