Traditional Farming & Village Life at Subak Guliang

This immersive rural life experience takes guests through Bali’s farming headland and into the heart of traditional villages, passing scenic vistas en route to Subak Guliang.

Subak Guliang is a traditional farming village and compound in the centre of the island with houses that boast a unique architectural style within Indonesia. Based on the Asta Kosala Kosali tradition of house building, the method is not dissimilar to the ancient art of Feng Shui. Our local experience begins with a delicious local style breakfast in the Balinese compound, followed by time dedicated to exploring nearby farms, walking through community centers and witnessing the colourful rural life of the Balinese people.

Visitors can also learn about the complexities of rice growing, from planting and harvesting through to the best cooking methods. They will discover the workings of the irrigation system known locally as Subak, or can simply sit back and take it all in whilst enjoying fresh coconut water, one of nature’s most delicious drinks. During this experience lunch will be served in the middle of a rice field with traditional Rindik music played in the background on bamboo instruments.

Click here to watch our video of the Farming & Village Life Experience.

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