Green Season is the Ideal Time to Visit Thailand

Travelers are sometimes cautious about booking a holiday during the ‘green season’ in Asia, also known as monsoon season which lasts from May/June to October. However, we believe Thailand is often looking its best during this time – and the preconception that intense downpours will ruin a holiday is unjust. At most the rain will last a couple of hours before the sun comes out and dries it away. If you can be flexible and want to take advantage of attractive prices and smaller crowds, then this time of year is an ideal time to visit.

Although Thailand’s seasons tend to be consistent across the country, the western side of the Gulf of Thailand including Koh Samui has a slightly different seasonal pattern, with most rainfall occurring between October and January. Therefore, for those who want to travel to Thailand between June and October, the region’s islands are an excellent alternative.

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