Yogyakarta Arts and Cultures by Vintage VW Car

Yogyakarta is very well known for its enthralling culture and well-preserved traditions which are passed down through generations. Yogya, as it is known amongst locals, has a special charm which seldom fails to captivate visitors.

Our full day program makes use of the iconic convertible VW car, whilst exploring the arts and cultures of Yogyakarta together with a friendly and very insightful local guide. We pass by some of the city’s most well-known sights on the way out of town and are welcomed with warm hospitality as we stop and step into a local village.

While the majority of the villagers are farmers, the community is also comprised of a handful of craftsmen who have upheld the making of traditional wooden masks. In the past masks were regarded as a sacred object, depicting different characters inspired by stories of ancient Javanese cultural heroes. Guests now have the opportunity to join members of the community and learn about the process of batik mask making, from carving the wood to drawing batik patterns and painting the mask.

In our vintage VW cars we continue through the highland areas of Yogyakarta Special Region, stopping to admire the magnificent scenery at various viewpoints. A local lunch is served at an organic farm restaurant, where all the vegetables, fruits and various herbs are grown in an adjoining garden. Our final visit is to the Royal Cemetery of Imogiri, dedicated exclusively as resting place for the kings, queens and royal descendants of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom. Visitors are obliged to wear traditional Javanese outfits to enter the complex – which will be provided at the entrance.

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