A Telling Voyage into the Mekong Delta

This exceptional four hour cruise unveils a series of different communities, each with their own distinct cultural traits. We journey into remote areas that are not usually frequented by tourists as we cruise through the Mekong Delta, passing by traditional markets, both on land and floating. A motorized boat takes us toward Binh Minh town of Vinh Long province. After a 45-minute cruise along the Hau River guests will reach Dong Thuan village where a small community of Kinh people are living along the Cai Von river. They are friendly people and will welcome guests to visit their nursery gardens which sit on platforms above the water.

This nursery village provides many local women, the older men or even teenage children with work year round. We also visit Phu Ly pagoda, the central pagoda of the Khmer commune in Vinh Long province where most locals are descendants of Cambodian origin. Here guests can walk to visit the main hall of the pagoda – the interior of which features brightly painted scenes from the Buddha’s life.

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