An Adventurous Cave Encounter in Vietnam

Those visiting Vietnam who has a sense of adventure can now test themselves with the moderate-to-hard Tu Lan expedition. This 4 day / 3 nights experience includes sleeping at remote jungle camps and swimming in large caverns. It is not one for the faint hearted but those who do give it a go will be amply rewarded with some of the most staggering sights. Pitched as one of the most adventurous Tu Lan experiences available, the mini-expedition is led by a caving expert from the British Cave Research Association, along with a skilled adventure guide and porter team.

The 35km jungle and cave trek includes some dark cave abseiling, bouldering, climbing and swimming through the caves. The adventure takes place in and around Hang Tien Cave, one of the largest in the region. All essential equipment is provided and the expedition is suitable for anyone who considers themselves physically fit with previous trekking experience. It is not suitable for those under 16.

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