Meditation and Sword Fighting in Japan

MICE_Japan_SwordFighting 700x459Delegates can now visit a private temple located in the hills of Kyoto for a very unique and unforgettable experience. Designed to immerse groups in the traditions and unique cultural facets of life in Japan, our cultural encounter introduces and connects delegates to the more exciting elements of Japan, such as sword fighting and kimono wearing – ensuring every person has the opportunity to get involved. The first stop is at a private temple located in the hills of Kyoto, a former capital strewn with thousands of temples and boasting a well preserved heritage. After a guided tour through the temple and its manicured gardens, your clients have the opportunity to change into a Japanese yukata (summer kimono) and participate in a traditional sword combat lesson.

Under the instruction of a master practitioner, each delegate will learn the basic moves involved in defending and attacking. After an animated and adrenalin fuelled lesson in sword fighting, it’s time to end the afternoon in a more peaceful way, by attending a traditional Zen mediation class led by an English speaking monk.

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