An Artist’s Impression: Design Your Own Ceramic Piece

This is an excellent activity for delegates to get involved with, adding a touch of creativity and hands on fun to any event. We are working closely with one of the best artisan ceramic companies in Sanur to deliver this to our valued clients.

The half-day activity option takes just three hours per session and accommodates up to eight people a time. The artistic encounter provides an opportunity to learn and practice the process involved in decorating a pre-made stoneware piece, guided by an expert ceramic artist.

The process begins with painting a bisque (the first baked ceramic), then we move on to the intricate carving (try to keep a steady hand!) and to finish, colouring the greenware (half-wet ceramic). There is no standard in design for this activity, it is entirely about you and your creativity! The final baked items are ready five days after the activity. If the group has already departed, we can arrange postage to your home country at an extra cost.

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