Japan’s Exceptional Meeting & Event Opportunities

Osaka Japan_700x459Japan has many benefits when it comes to a PCO or incentive house selecting a destination for their next client. With direct flights to most Asian and Western countries, the country is extremely well connected and has highly efficient public transport supported by a developed infrastructure. Its super speed bullet trains connect the business hubs of Tokyo and Osaka in just 2.5 hours, with trains departing every 10 minutes.

The larger cities of Tokyo and Osaka boast state of the art meeting and event spaces, and are a feat of modernity, whereas the more traditional cities such as Kyoto have no less than 2000 temples and shrines to offer. Alongside the attractive event spaces, the Japanese cuisine is simply divine and the hospitality is as famous as the country’s safety and cleanliness reputation.

For those who aren’t convinced by Japan and often quote high prices as a reason – the constant weak position of the yen and rise in rates of other Asian destinations has now made it very competitive in every aspect.

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