Bright Future for Southern Cardamom National Park

Asia-Talk-Cambodia-National-ParkThe Cardamom Mountains in Southern Cambodia is the largest mountain range in the country and an area characterized by thick rainforest, remote villages and spellbinding views. In these lush mountain forests visitors can find a treasure trove of plant and animal species, from tigers and elephants to gibbon and even Siamese crocodile. However, due to animal trafficking, a number of these wildlife species have come under threat, forcing the Cambodian Government to work with Wildlife Alliance to form a new national park. In May 2016, the Cambodian Government declared a Southern Cardamom National Park, protecting nearly 4.5 million acres. Tigers will slowly be reintroduced following their recent disappearance, and there are plans to open three more ranger stations to watch over the park habitat to ensure a future for these animals.

Destination Asia Cambodia can take guests deep into the region on a two day tour, spending a night under the stars in a tent, embracing the natural beauty of this stunning corner of Cambodia.

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