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Camila Zea discusses trends and interests for Latin American market

Destination Asia’s Business Development Manager (LATAM, Spain & Portugal) takes five minutes to sit down and discuss trends and interests for this key market.

Travelers from Latin American markets have always enjoyed visiting Asia, are they confident traveling here once again, and has there been a pick-up in interest in recent months?

The market confidence is high and is getting higher as our countries reopen and entry requirements ease. It goes without saying that it was crucial for our clients throughout the last two years, to be able to count on a strong partner like Destination Asia. Owing to our financial stability, we were able to provide them with the very much-needed support and trust, offering all insurance measures, deposit security, and strong health and safety protocols. We are proud to say that we did not just survive the pandemic, but we will emerge stronger than ever.

As for the market interest, it never ceased and was more a question of each country’s opening status. Of course, as our destinations are once again open and Latin American nationalities are welcomed back, there is a tremendous increase in demand, and we could not be more excited to see such a positive reaction. 

Which of the destinations in Asia are you seeing the most interest in now and why?

For Latin American clients the all-time favorite destinations have always been Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan; and it is still the case. At the moment, we are seeing more interest in Thailand and Indonesia, but that’s due to both countries being open. In the case of Japan, I have to say that it still surprising the number of requests we receive every day. Clearly clients are not discouraged by the fact that the country is not open to tourists yet and this bodes well for a strong rebound when it does.

Are there any new travel trends for Latin America we will see arise in 2022 and beyond?
More and more people are interested in slower local travel, from spending time with local communities to trying out the local gastronomy. We have also noticed that travelers are willing to spend more on average in order to really enjoy a unique and memorable trip, so there is a surge for all services surrounding luxury travel. Other travel styles we see increasing in popularity are Wellness, Off the Beaten path and Responsible Travel.

How has Destination Asia made changes to the way it markets to and works with clients from Spanish speaking markets
Latin America is no doubt one of Destination Asia’s Key Markets and we are going the extra mile to better service our Spanish-speaking clients and prove how valuable they are to us. A number of changes have been incorporated in recent years in order to enhance the client experience. In fact, my role was created for that very same purpose; considering our large operation network, we wanted to start by offering a “One Stop Service” to them, that go-to person that could assist them in Spanish – with anything needed and regardless of the Asian destination. As a Latina myself it is also easier to understand the market needs and to communicate with our local teams so that awareness could be reflected in our proposals as well as in-house service delivery. On the operations side of things, we also have excellent guides to help us deliver on our promises.

Finally, I can’t finish without mentioning the crucial role of our sales team in Latin America, Avant Garde. We are lucky to have such a strong partner in the market and they have been instrumental in helping us to achieve high and consistent service levels.

What’s your favorite travel destination in Asia and why?
I have too many favorites though Thailand has something to offer to every traveler, regardless of their interests. After 15 years of extensive travel across the country, I continue to discover spectacular places and I can confidently say that they will never cease to amaze me.

In an attempt to still answer the question and just to name a few of my favorites; for beach/diving I love the Similan Islands, Koh Surin and Koh Lipe; for some spectacular mountain landscapes and local communities, I recently visited Pang Oung and Ban Rak Thai, in the northern border with Myanmar, and I was blown away by what is on offer; for some jungle, river, trekking adventures, I would have to say Khao Sok. I could name a favorite destination for each of our DA Travel Styles – and we have 11 of them, that would at least do a bit more justice to Thailand’s richness and beauty. 

For more details about Asia and how to book, contact Camila at: [email protected]

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