Spectacular Railway Journey on the Laos Bullet Train

Plans to extend a rail link from Yunnan province through Laos and on to Bangkok and ultimately Singapore has been causing quite a stir. And now the Laos section of it, running from Boten on the border with China to the capital city of Vientiane is open and fully functional. In fact, it’s proved so popular, the operators have had to increase the schedule since it started in the new year, but travellers can still rightfully claim to be among the first to ride on it if they book soon.

Stretching 422 km, with 75 tunnels and an astonishing 167 bridges and viaducts, the train zips through Laos at speeds of up to 160 km per hour, with up to 720 passengers travelling in air-conditioned comfort. Bringing easy access to popular spots like Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, the Laos Bullet Train will be a boon for Laos’ recovering travel industry as it will slash journey times radically. But those who like to travel at leisure will be more than content to sit and watch the beautiful greenery of Laos pass by.

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