Chiang Mai Evening Food Adventure by Bike

We can now offer a new culinary adventure that takes guests off-the-beaten-path to discover the wonders of Chiang Mai’s varied cuisine. We pedal our bikes at a leisurely pace between food stops, sampling traditional Thai dishes and tasty sweets before cycling again till we get hungry. Meandering the small lanes through the old city and beyond, we visit some of the city’s best-kept dining secrets.

With the sun setting over the mountains, guests bike to-and-from an array of street-side stalls, hidden local restaurants, and traditional food markets, sampling the best dishes Chiang Mai has to offer. The wide variety of options on this evening tour include Northern Thailand and Burmese cuisine. We stop at “Lert Ros”, a local restaurant that’s been trading for over 35 years, providing an authentic Thai experience. The open-air kitchen and barbecue in front of the restaurant will have mouths watering with anticipation as Red Tilapia, seafood and banana leaf wrapped mince pork with red curry smoke away.

We then try traditional Thai desserts at a local sweet stop. The whole restaurant is a feast of colour, excitement and flavours. The evening concludes with a refreshing cold beverage in a beautifully transformed restaurant that was formerly a terracotta clay works. At the end of the day guests would have covered approximately eight kilometers – mostly along backstreets. There are some short sections on busier roads but the terrain is generally flat and suitable for children.

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