The Lowdown on Seasonal Festive Fun in Japan

As is the case across much of Asia, summers in Japan consist of long hot days and humid sticky nights. To beat the heat and stay upbeat, summer in Japan is festival season, with events sprinkled across the calendar to give people something to look forward to.

It is almost impossible to explore Japan from July through to September without coming across bustling food stands, young ladies in colourful yukata (summer traditional dress) or watching sparkling fireworks light up the night sky. This is also the only time of year to watch “Bon-Odori”, a very specific type of ensemble dance that is usually enjoyed at festivals. The great thing about Bon-Odori is that the steps are simple and repetitive, so you can put steps to almost any tune!

As it is too hot to venture out during the day, summer is also the season of evening activities, including alfresco dining. The city of Kyoto in particular relishes this tradition, with restaurant terraces extending out over rivers for diners to sit on. We hope that your clients will enjoy their summer vacations in Japan and come to love the unique traditions that can be found only in the hotter months.

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