Cruising & Kayaking Mechrey Village on Finfoot

We drive out to Tonle Sap Lake through the attractive countryside surrounding Siem Reap province, following red earth roads which wind through endless rice fields and Cambodia’s ubiquitous sugar palms. On arrival at the boat station we board Finfoot, a refurbished fishing boat that takes guests along a charming channel lined with water-loving plants to where we launch the kayaks and paddle out to the floating village of Mechrey.

Kayaks allow us to experience and learn about the culture and environment that is shaped by the extraordinary habitual rise and fall of the water level. We discover the mystifying and varying landscape of the Great Tonle Sap Lake, the largest in Southeast Asia.

This excursion can be provided in the morning finishing with lunch onboard, or set off after lunch and end the day with a BBQ on Finfoot as the sun goes down. All food is lovingly prepared by Dean, our master-chef from Miss Wong cocktail bar and restaurant – one of Siem Reap’s coolest cocktail bars!

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