Electric Scooter Tour of Hoi An

During this day trip guests will explore some of Hoi An’s most beautiful hidden spots that only a few tourists visit. They will meet with locals and learn about their commitment to a sustainable, eco-friendly way of life. Guests are free to choose self-drive or be chauffeured around on the back of a unique collection of electric scooters.

The itinerary starts with a drink at the Fusion Lounge in Hoi An Town (9 am for the morning trip or 2 pm for the afternoon), before driving toward Cam Nam Island via the Old Town. We stop at a nearby shipyard where guests can view the hard work that goes into maintaining the fishing boats and visit a local shoemaker to witness the ancient traditions associated with tailoring and shoemaking in Hoi An. We then visit a local family who tell us about habitual family customs in Vietnam. Guests then take a break to enjoy a local snack and drink by the Thu Bon river provided by the NGO Streets International. On our electric scooters we also stop by a local painting workshop and lantern making group run by the Lifestart Foundation, finishing at An Bang Beach to unwind in a stunning beach lounge with some delicious refreshments.

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