Embark on an Evening Kayaking Journey to a New Cave in Phong Nha

Unlike existing Phong Nha Cave discovery tours, this new adventure with Destination Asia Vietnam starts in the evening, with visitors taking kayaks to discover stalactites and ancient Champa characters carved into the cliffs.

At your own slow pace, enjoy the magnificent shapes of rock formations. Anchor your kayaks on a sandy beach and explore the Bi Ky Grotto, which has only recently been opened to the public for the first time. This grotto has large stalactite columns, connecting from the ceiling to the cave floor. Inside the Bi Ky grotto, there are 97 ancient Cham characters inscribed more than a thousand years ago. The writing is still sharp and has not faded or tarnished. In addition to the Cham characters, the grotto has a history of being used by soldiers as a place to hide from bombs and bullets, and to save and treat wounded soldiers during wartime. After the tour ends at nightfall, on the wide sands in front of Phong Nha Cave, visitors can enjoy a BBQ with local specialities.

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