Exploring the Mergui Archipelago with Moken Treasure

One of the least visited places on earth and a true hidden gem that is yet to be explored by tourists, the Mergui Archipelago on the west coast of Myanmar is comprised of 800 mainly uninhabited islands, plus some thriving coral reefs.

Looking ahead to 2021, once the COVID-19 pandemic situation improves, Moken Treasure will operate in the northern area of the Mergui Archipelago as part of two and three-night programs with various activities on offer, including snorkelling, glass-bottom kayaking, hiking, bird watching, visits to the Moken tribe, and many more.

Ideal for families or small groups, Moken Treasure is carefully designed to offer a small-group atmosphere. Featuring two suites and three deluxe rooms, the boat accommodates up to 13 passengers. A spacious lounge and outdoor space with comfy bean bags, bamboo chairs and sofa; outdoor dining and bar area; plus an in-house entertainment system can also be found onboard.

Currently docked in Yangon, Moken Treasure is temporarily operating as a charter cruise for lunch, dinner, and one-night staycations along the Yangon River.

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