Rijsttafel Dining Ritual on Bali at Cliff-Top Located Mangku’s House

Experience a rijsttafle dining ritual previously reserved for kings and royalties. Guests are served and by waiters in traditional Balinese attire in a truly royalty setting. This is a unique opportunity to experience the island’s rich and colorful cultural heritage. Dressed in traditional Balinese costumes with flower garland and petals, each guest enters to the reception of a king or queen. On entering the private residence of a Royal Family, a classic welcome dance sets the mood as guests are escorted to an open cocktail area with canapés and drinks. Cultural Balinese chanting and other traditional activities create an exciting air of anticipation as guests are escorted to the cliff-top dining area, surrounded by lush tropical gardens. The appetizers, main course and desserts are served by a parade of Balinese dancers as they gracefully move to the melodious sounds of traditional gamelan music. The meal is a contrast of culinary pleasures, subtle and dramatic, each dish flaunting its own distinctive flavors and character. Beautiful performances of Balinese dances between dinner courses bring this uplifting evening to an end. The Rajalaya Royal Dinner is truly a majestic celebration of Balinese culture and cuisine with a capacity for 125 seated or 250 in a cocktail setup.

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