Exploring Vietnam’s Artistic Heritage

Vietnamese art has a long history dating back to the 3rd millennium BC, but with the boom in Imperial and Buddhist architecture, the 11th to the 14th centuries were most notable for artistic sculptures and paintings. Many skilled artisans emerged from 1400–1700AD, creating wooden carvings, ornate statues, lacquer art, glazed pottery and ceramics and fine art. However, it was the 19th to 20th centuries that marked a major transformation after French colonialists introduced European painting techniques. Since then, Vietnamese artists have worked in oils, silk, lacquering and wood sculptures – producing stunning landscapes, portraits and scenes from everyday life.

In addition to visiting Hanoi’s superb Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, art lovers can now take part in one of Destination Asia Vietnam’s recently developed art-related trips, visiting private studios and galleries with valuable collections from both foreign and Vietnamese artists.

The visit not only provides an interesting journey into Vietnam’s art scene, but also a chance to produce art items of your own; from lacquer to silk painting, woodblock printing, water-color and oil paintings.

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