Family Fun on an Organic Peanut Farm Near Saigon

Here’s a family activity with a real difference and tons of fun, set amid beautiful countryside just outside Saigon. At this organic peanut farm, the founder is a firm believer in natural farming, as well as happy farmers. Guests are warmly invited to laugh and learn with their family members, roll up their sleeves and plant their own peanut plants, harvest some ripe nuts and learn all about the process of making peanut butter, from deshelling to grinding and packaging. Perhaps best of all, they get to make their own jars of delicious, hand-crafted butter to take home.

The visit is as educational as it is fun, as guests get a close-up look at natural farming methods and the importance of sustainability in agriculture. For more information and bookings, get in touch with our reservation team in Vietnam at: [email protected]

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