Giving Back in Yangon through Artisanal Craft Workshops

Embracing our CSR pillars, Destination Asia continually strives to create a positive impact through our activities on the environment, consumers, employees and communities. ‘Giving Back’ is a socially responsible group initiative created in 2011 by Destination Asia to connect people and make a positive impact in the destinations where we operate. The Independent Myanmar Craft Add On tour is among our selection of programs centred around giving back to the community.

Travel by ferry from Nanthida Jetty to the southern township of Dhala, witnessing the colourful countryside and daily life along the riverbanks along the way. Upon arrival, enjoy a ride on a local trishaw and discover the natural beauty and local customs of this scenic town. Make your way to Chu Chu, a social enterprise redesigning waste material into crafts, and take part in a plastic recycling workshop.

Following to workshop, transfer back to Yangon by ferry and head to Hla Day, a non-profit shop that helps independent artisans to build strong and profitable craft businesses through training and access to fair trade. Following a paper mache painting session led by a local artisan at Hla Day, guests can enjoy a cup of locally produced Gibbon Coffee. Now sold at Hla Day, Gibbon Coffee provides an alternative income for local Asho Chin communities who were previously dependent on slash-and-burn agriculture. It also directly supports the protection of the rainforest habitat of the endangered western hoolock gibbon.

While travel to Myanmar is currently not possible, our team have stayed busy developing new products ready for when borders open and the political situation is resolved. In the meantime, take a glimpse into the wonders of The Golden Land by exploring our interactive ebook.

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