Local Encounters on the Balinese Blessing Trail

The Brahmans, members of the caste of the priests, watch over the countless customs, sacrificial rituals, festivals and habits that characterize everyday life on the island of gods. Ida Bagus Suar Udiyana (Gusde) is a Brahman who lives with his family in the village of Mas near the former royal residence and artist town of Ubud. They are descendants of the holy priests who brought Hinduism to Bali in the 9th century and welcome you in their traditional Balinese home to join some unique Balinese activities.

Gusde’s father is a leading exporter of Balinese woodcarvings and guests work with a local wood-carver to learn the methods of making a statue or carving. Using soft wood makes the process easier for beginners – but if you get the hang of it you can have a go at making your own wooden turtle! Later we assist the family in preparing typical Balinese dishes and watch local chefs process fresh ingredients to make a delicious lunchtime meal. Invigorated by the home-cooked lunch, guests then visit another member of the Brahman family at a different authentic Balinese compound. Here guests receive a purifying Balinese blessing from a priest followed by a meeting with a highly respected astrologer who reveals your destiny! Before returning to the hotel, take a walk through the village to get an impression of daily local life as people clean the temples and give offerings to the gods.

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