Diving Along Cambodia’s Thriving Coastline

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Cambodia’s tropical waters that grace its southern coastline are literally teeming with marine life and colorful reefs. The lively coastal town of Sihanoukville is a scuba-diving haven with a strong reputation for its outlying islands, diversity of fish species and range of environments to suit every dive. Destination Asia Cambodia are working with some of the most renowned diving companies in Cambodia to offer travelers access to the very best underwater spots.

Whether it’s a simple introduction to scuba diving or an open water course, we can make the necessary arrangements. Those joining in with the underwater adventures can expect to come face to face with everything from tiny seahorses to the mighty whale shark in an area known for its biological diversity. We can organize single day to three day courses, with extras such as lunch on Koh Rong Island adding to the experience. The long peaceful beaches here are the ideal place to relax after a day under the waves.

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