Japan Rail Pass Still a Good Deal Despite Price Change

Japan’s railways are justly world-famous. From the sleek bullet trains whizzing from neon-lit Tokyo to historic Kyoto at astounding speeds, to the adorable, themed trains featuring beloved characters such as Hello Kitty and Pokemon; they all bring their passengers safely, comfortably, and with legendary punctuality.

Unfortunately, the JR Group has found it necessary to announce price hikes of 70-80% for the Japan Rail Pass, effective from October. However, the pass is still a good deal compared to regular tickets, as it offers unlimited journeys for the period of purchase.  

Our team are of course happy to help guests decide whether the pass pays off for their specific journey – and it’s possible that one of Japan’s many regional train passes might fit their adventure better. Often overlooked by foreign visitors, there’s a whole range of these passes covering exciting and sometimes lesser-known regions.

For instance, they could explore the hidden gems of the north with the five-day pass to Tohoku, taking in some of Japan’s most breathtaking natural scenery and vibrant festivals, or embark on a spiritual journey around Shikoku with its tranquil pilgrimage trails and beautiful citrus orchards.

Japan’s railways are waiting, so let’s get on board!

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